Spiros Palaiologos - Executive Chef


 A palette for authenticity and an eye for quality, Spiros brings the heart and soul of Greece to the BAKALAKI kitchen. Equipped with over 20 years of experience, Spiros has joined the BAKALAKI family as Executive Chef. Spiros grew up in the port town of Piraeus, before starting his culinary career in local restaurants around Greece. 

After assisting in opening 5 restaurants, Spiros has worked in several well-known hotspots and local favourites, including the Hard Rock Cafe and Blu Kouzina. Cooking Greek cuisine in Singapore over the past 4 years, his passion for bringing more of Greece into Asia motivates him. Introducing a modern Greek concept at BAKALAKI, Spiros sources and hand-picks authentic ingredients straight from Greece, ensuring he offers the best of his country in Singapore. Spiros and his culinary creations have been featured on several Greek national TV channels, making him an authority on the culinary landscape and local trends. When he is not cooking in the BAKALAKI kitchen, Spiros spends much time with his family, enjoying other local cuisines in Singapore.